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Why haven't you mentioned Drupal 9? I will be adding this, but as of August 2021, this site you are reading is the only Drupal site of mine I've been able to upgrade to D9, so although you can check D9 compatibility status of all modules (use upgrade_status, it's superb) I can't speak from personal experience about any of them.

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Better Exposed Filters (better_exposed_filters) 2018-11-20

d.o. page


My recommendation - safe to use but understand it's currently pretty limited due to bugs.

To activate, change a view's Exposed Form style (Advanced column) to 'Better exposed filters'.  

  • Lets you enable AJAX auto submit. The difference is without BEF, with Use AJAX, an AJAX request (vs a full page reload) is made but ONLY when you click 'Apply'.  With BEF, as soon as you change a dropdown the view updates (like the filters on this site).  
  • You can change the input method for each field (e.g.a single checkbox for what would otherwise be a True/False dropdown), make them "collapsible", add select all/select none links where appropriate.  
  • Rewrite option that lets you reword all the options for the filter and also delete some.


  • If you have a search field - e.g. Combine fields filter - you MUST turn on 'Exclude Textfield' if you are using 'Autosubmit'  
  • Most of these options *aren't* available for taxonomies (e.g. webform where  
  • If you use the default views single or grouped exposed filters, with selects/radios, they work correctly, but when you change them to BEF style, with checkboxes and AJAX, they don't (form is submitted and the checkbox has disappeared)
  • Bug: reset button doesn't use AJAX, it sends you to a view URL instead (disable it in settings)


So all you can really do with BEF at the moment is use the AJAX setting.