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Why haven't you mentioned Drupal 9? I will be adding this, but as of August 2021, this site you are reading is the only Drupal site of mine I've been able to upgrade to D9, so although you can check D9 compatibility status of all modules (use upgrade_status, it's superb) I can't speak from personal experience about any of them.

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Conditional Fields (conditional_fields) 2021-08-10

d.o. page

Adds a 'Manage dependencies' tab to the admin page for content types.

This lets you set a 'target field' whose visibility is set according to a 'control field' and whether the latter is full/empty/checked/unchecked/has a specific value.

Another useful feature is you can prefill/pre-tick etc. the target field (including with a custom text value, for example).

To detect quickly if it's in use anywhere (I needed to do this before being sure I could uninstall the module on a site), export your site config and grep the /config/sync directory for 'conditional_fields' - it's stored in the 'third_party_settings' key in core.entity_form_display.node.[content type].default.yml