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Why haven't you mentioned Drupal 9? I will be adding this, but as of August 2021, this site you are reading is the only Drupal site of mine I've been able to upgrade to D9, so although you can check D9 compatibility status of all modules (use upgrade_status, it's superb) I can't speak from personal experience about any of them.

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Rabbit hole (rabbit_hole) 2020-02-17

d.o. page

Lets you set display, access denied, redirect or programmatic accessing for direct access to nodes.

However, note that includes both /node/xxx and the node alias, i.e. you can't just use it to restrict numeric URLs, the human friendly ones will get blocked too - so restrict_node_page_view might be more appropriate.

There's a series of submodules (such as rh_node) and without enabling them you won't see any options in the UI.
(look for the Rabbit Hole tab when editing nodes, for example).