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Why haven't you mentioned Drupal 9? As of February 2022 I've updated all the sites I look after to Drupal 9 (experience: mixed). I haven't decided how to label future version compatibility as D10 will be coming soon as well. The upgrade_status module is superb. You're bound to have issues with composer. Also watch out for a nasty session headers bug with redirect_after_login.

What about sites still running Drupal 7? In short I still recommend leaving them on Drupal 7. Your decision is really if you will gain anything from Drupal 8/9 and for many then answer will be no, and one of the main hassles - apart from converting each content type one at a time, and setting up a new theme, will be recreating all your views by hand, as views can't be automatically upgraded.

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reCAPTCHA (recaptcha) 2020-02-10

d.o. page


Use in conjunction with the Captcha module to prevent spam on forms.
As of Jan 2020, still ONLY supports v2 of Google's reCAPTCHA API (there's an active issue for v3 support)
There's also an option for non-js fallback.

Tested with D7 and D8.

Patch needed for AJAX forms (e.g. Webforms with AJAX support turned on) to stop the ReCAPTCHA UI disappearing when page is reloaded.