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Why haven't you mentioned Drupal 9? I will be adding this, but as of August 2021, this site you are reading is the only Drupal site of mine I've been able to upgrade to D9, so although you can check D9 compatibility status of all modules (use upgrade_status, it's superb) I can't speak from personal experience about any of them.

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Twig VarDumper (twig_vardumper) 2019-12-30

d.o. page


Much faster than using kint, with colour coding, and still works nicely within narrow DOM elements.
Make sure you install using composer, as it has symfony dependencies.

Enabling twig debugging in the first place:

Also make sure you've activated twig debugging properly (including enabling the settings.local.php file in settings.php, and adding the debug setting to
Potential gotcha - settings.local.php needs to be in /sites/default (or whichever), not just /sites/
If Twig debugging isn't enabled, the symptom is you don't see any output for the dump() commands.

Usage Tip:

- Hover over the keys and you get a tooltip that says 'Public method','Protected property' etc.