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Why haven't you mentioned Drupal 9? I will be adding this, but as of August 2021, this site you are reading is the only Drupal site of mine I've been able to upgrade to D9, so although you can check D9 compatibility status of all modules (use upgrade_status, it's superb) I can't speak from personal experience about any of them.

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View Migration (view_migration) 2018-11-23

d.o. page

Not recommended

Migrate views from D7 to D8.
Once installed on D7 - you need to go to /admin/config/view-migration 
It outputs multiple YML files and you're specifying a directory to put them in, which you need to create first.

My experience of the YAML output has been:

- incomplete (e.g. multiple missing displays in a complex view, views without a machine name)
- invalid UTF8 due to the next and previous arrows in pager.options.tags being encoded wrong
- the dependencies section at the top of the file not being set out correctly

It doesn't look like there's much current development activity (likewise migrate_views, which is the other plugin people usually mention).